Pure is built on reputation.

Our clients care and service is our priority. We are often told by our clients that the treatments we have provided have dramatically improved their quality of life. For us, it’s about you not having to worry or think about your teeth. You just have to get on enjoying your life to the full. You can hear from a few of our previous patients below as they talk about their Pure Dental experience.


Sarah – Dental Implants

‘I can personally highly recommend the Pure Dental practice. Mark and his team are quite simply fantastic, they go to any length to make you feel comfortable, safe and important to them. From the receptionists, nurses and hygienist to Mark himself they do everything they can to make you feel better about yourself. My teeth are feeling and looking the best they have in years and it was pain free ! Mark, Nicola, Katy and Fiona – thank you – you have restored my faith and cured my phobia of dentists ! I can’t speak highly enough of everyone at Pure Dental you are an incredible team.’


Lynn – Smile in a Day

‘Family and friends that I see regularly can’t believe that they’re not real teeth, because they look so real and they also like the confidence it’s given me, everybody mentions that, and everybody also mentions I always used to walk with a stoop, I don’t anymore, my shoulders are back because I’m free again. Definitely go to Mark at Pure Dental because you won’t be frightened from the minute you meet his team because I was the most nervous patient you could ever wish to meet.’

Michelle – Dental Implants

‘I feel much more confident to smile when I meet people as it’s one of the first things that people see when they meet you. It feels amazing that there’s not just a big gap there, it just feels so natural that I have a tooth back. My daughter Harriet’s picked up on that there’s no big black gap in my mouth as she used to call it. She thinks it looks brilliant and she’s happy for me because I’ve got a tooth back.’


Justine – Full Mouth Rehabilitation

‘My life was miserable because of my teeth but since having my treatment I am living life enjoying every day and every moment and so incredibly happy and that is all thanks to you at Pure, especially Mark who is a wonderful man with such insight and knowledge doing a fantastic and magical thing for people in Cornwall. I really can’t thank you enough and yes please use the video so it can help other people to feel whole and happy again.’

Sue – Occlusion

“They’re clearly professional and they’re also quite passionate about the benefits of good dentistry, modern dentistry and technically correct dentistry”

Linda – Dental Implants

“It just feels like a normal tooth. I can easily justify the cost to myself because I’m going to have this tooth for 20 or so years”

Pamela – General Dentistry

“He put me at ease immediately, and I had to have some pretty awful treatment done in my first experience with him, but it was absolutely fine”.

Phil – Crowns

“I felt confident, but not talked down to,  that you’re talking as one team and you’re part of that team. They’ll do anything you want to look after you.”

Sandi – Dental Implants

I came with hope that’s all – no-one’s a miracle worker. But actually Jeremy is!”

Sheila – General Dentistry

I wanted somewhere where I could have the clinical expertise, the care and compassion that I really wanted. Because coming to the dentist for me, I just didn’t like it.”

Elizabeth – General Dentistry

“Before Mark came I had teeth put on a denture and I wasn’t happy with that at all. I felt old before my time; I discussed this with Mark and he put teeth onto a metal plate. It’s impacted the way I smile, I look normal again”

Sophie – Jaw Pain

“I would definitely consider the treatment good value for money. The way I look at it is I want to be keeping my teeth for as long as possible, they’re a life time thing”

Darren – Orthodontics

“I was encouraged as a child to have braces. They recommended that I have four teeth out and full orthodontics, whereas Jeremy got the same result by just gently filing inbetween some of the teeth”

Katie – Jaw Pain

“Mark knows I owe him everything…It worries me that there are people out there that have exactly the same symptoms as me that don’t get to find Mark, so yes I’m hugely grateful”

The perfect compliment to your new smile, minor facial aesthetic treatment can help you feel confident in your image

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The perfect compliment to your new smile, minor facial aesthetic treatment can help you feel confident in your image

Call 01872 222404