How To Overcome Dental Anxiety

Are you scared to go to the dentist? Is your heart racing, even just reading about dental phobia?

According to statistics from the Oral Health Foundation, almost half of UK adults have a fear of the dentist, with 12% of these suffering from an extreme dental anxiety or phobia.

We completely understand, and we’re here to help you!

Like Monday morning feeling and a fear of spiders, dental anxiety is a very common problem, and it’s something we at Pure Dental Health take very seriously.

Whether you have just a few minor worries about your routine check-up, or you’re feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of upcoming dental treatment, we’re here for you.

We'll listen, and what’s more, we have a number of ways we can make a trip to the dentist a lot easier on your nerves and help you join the 85% of dental patients who don't fear the chair.

We care about your peace of mind!

Anyone who suffers from any kind of anxiety will know how it important it is to have the right people around you who understand how it affects you. For any of us, the dental surgery is one of those potentially stressful places where feeling at ease is even more important. We get that.

In our experience it’s amazing what a difference it makes to have the support of professionals who really listen, who don’t think less of you when you’re honest about how you feel, and who have proven strategies and solutions that are no trouble at all to put in place.

So relax. We’ve made it our business to develop our expertise in reducing dental anxiety, and we’re sure we can help you through whatever appointments you're facing. We won’t be fazed.

Remember: modern dentistry is a world away from the old days

One step toward overcoming your fears might be to consider where that dental phobia comes from in the first place. Are you like many people, who picked up in childhood the thought that the dentist was a scary place? The thing is, years ago, trips to the dentist were very different to now. Technology and equipment was far less sophisticated. Pain relief was nowhere near as effective. Staff awareness and training wasn’t anything like today's high standards. In fact, for our parents and grandparents, the whole experience of a trip to the dentist was understandably something people dreaded rather than looked forward to. No wonder many of us have grown up with real fears, even if we've never had a bad dental experience ourselves.

The WAND - Pain free injections

Certified and experienced in dealing with dental phobia

Another important way to overcome dental anxiety is to make sure you access the support that’s available. These days, many dental surgeries offer a kind and caring approach to helping nervous patients, but at Pure Dental Health, we go the extra mile. We have friendly and sympathetic treatment advisors who are highly experienced in dealing with patients who are afraid of the dentist.

Dental Phobia What’s more, our Principle dentist Mark Durnall is certified in dealing with dental phobia. So, it’s not just something we talk about in theory. We’re proactive about our patients' emotional wellbeing. We really are a dental practice that takes anxiety seriously, and we will provide the support you need whenever you come for a visit.

Do you count yourself as someone who has a particular problem with dental phobia? If necessary, we can offer conscious sedation. That’s a useful option for quick procedures where you’d feel happier receiving medication that will make you relaxed and drowsy for a while, but not unconscious. We'll monitor you throughout, and you'll recover very quickly afterwards. It can be a big help.

Come and chat with professionals over coffee to find out what we can offer

Here’s an idea if you’d like to start by making personal contact about your dental anxiety in a no pressure environment. It’s also free!

Book to come along to a treatment advisor consultation. This takes place in a non-clinical environment, so you won’t have to face the look and feel of a dental surgery, which we know some people find intimidating. We'll have a chat over tea and coffee, so you can be yourself and know that you’re talking to actual people about your unique situation. We find it really does put people’s minds at rest.

Our treatment advisors are dental professionals with years of experience. They are key members of our team who are especially skilled in talking to people who may be anxious about facing dental treatment. You’ll be able to share whatever is on your mind, and they'll explain what we can do to make your visits far more manageable and easier to face.

So now when you’re thinking about the dentist’s, think of anxiety as something we can definitely help you manage. At Pure, you're not on your own. Knowing how to reduce dental anxiety is something we're passionate about.

Websites that provide a range of helpful resources on dental anxiety & fear of the dentist


Mark Durnall

Dr Mark Durnall has a special interest focused on full mouth rehabilitation. He has extensive knowledge on occlusion and restorative dentistry with a focus on implantology. He places and restores around 250 implants per year, making him one of the most experienced implantologists in the country. He has lectured nationally on implantology, enabling other clinicians to provide implants to their patients. He is highly experienced in the treatment of peri-implantitis and complex implant rehabilitation surgery. He is also a member of ITI and British Association of Cosmetic Dentists (BACD), British Dental Association (BDA).