Emergency Dentist Appointment

Dental emergency? Ouch! But don’t panic. The team at Pure are here for you.

Emergency Dental Care

We know - that moment when you urgently need an appointment to see the dentist, never seems to happen at a convenient time.

But that’s why we have professional procedures in place to deal with the urgent situation you’re in right now.

Here’s what to do in a dental emergency

If you’re currently experiencing a big problem with your dental health, keep reading this page and you’ll find the information you need below. If you’re in an emergency and you're just having a look out of interest, make a note of our afterhours contact number so you have them when you need them.

What counts as a dental emergency?

It’s a definite dental emergency if there’s a lot of unmanageable pain, swelling or bleeding. It’s especially urgent if you’ve just had a tooth knocked out or dislodged, because if you get to a dentist within 30 minutes, the chances are, we can fix a healthy tooth back into place. (Transport it in a small container of milk to be on the safe side.)

  1. Sudden and/or severe swelling around the tooth, gum, or mouth or any facial swelling. Facial swellings can be serious, and you should seek medical attention if you are experiencing this.
  2. Severe bleeding dental bleeding because of an accident/trauma (remember bleeding from the mouth often looks worse than it is, your saliva can make it look like there is more blood than there actually is). PRESSURE – placing pressure for a long period of time will help to stop it.
  3. Bleeding from an extracted tooth which you cannot stop. (In the first instance you should apply pressure to stop bleeding – use a clean handkerchief if you don’t have anything else clean and suitable to hand, place over the area that is bleeding and bite down for 20-30 minutes)

Of course, if it’s life threatening, you’ll want to call 999, but only if it's extremely serious.

Please don’t call 999 for other dental issues or medical non-emergencies.

What probably isn’t a dental emergency?

Well, let’s say you’ve just chipped a tooth, lost an old filling, dislodged old crown or if you have lost a temporary crown.

It’s not really causing you any pain, and you will be fine to wait till the next available working day to be seen.

How can you contact the dental surgery out of hours?

If you have a real emergency, get in touch on the number below, and you’ll get straight through to the NHS emergency dental service. If you’re not sure if it's that critical, you can get non-urgent medical/dental advice by dialling NHS direct on 111.

If for any reason you’re unable to get the help you need for a dental-related health emergency, then go to the emergency A&E department at your local hospital. They'll be able to help.

It’s important to act swiftly if you have a dental emergency but stay calm. Issues with our teeth can make us feel vulnerable, but as dental professionals we deal with this kind of thing every day. You’re in excellent hands.

NHS Emergency Dentist Appointments

NHS Out of Hours Emergency Dental Service Cornwall

West Country Dental Care Emergency Dental Service (EDS)

Private Emergency Appointments Pure Dental Health Patients

Please call us as early as possible if you have a dental problem on 01872 222404

Emergency Dental Care FAQ's


"250 miles from home, with raging tooth pain including infection Michelle and her team came to my rescue. Friendly, empathetic and a professional service which could not have been bettered. Her emergency treatment saved our holiday without question. Can't recommend Pure Dental Health more highly".