Pure Dream Smile Makeover Project - Life Changing Dentistry In Cornwall

Restoring someone’s smile and confidence is incredibly rewarding! It is a very moving experience for the Pure team to be part of.

Meet The Pure Dream Smile Makeover Winners

Three years ago, we reached a point where we wanted to give something back to the community, and we sort of scratched our heads for a bit and thought, okay, well why don't we offer to build somebody's smile back, or fix their teeth for free?

So we did... and this is the story so far...

Below you will find 3 announcement videos. We like to keep it a genuine surprise!

2019 Dream Smile Winner Matt

At the start of 2019 we started our hunt to give one special person living in Cornwall a brand new smile for free! We received more than 200 nominations for our Dream Smile Competition!

2019 Dream Smile Winner Journey

2020 Dream Smile Winners

We had over 260 people apply for our dream smile competition this year. We whittled it down to three finalists. When we sat down with all the finalists, it was just a bit too emotional to say no really!

2020 Dream Smile Winners Journey

2022 Dream Smile Winner Jane

Over 200 people entered our 2021 dream smile competition. Jane was our chosen winner, nominated by her daughter Ashley. Follow Jane's Journey as she takes the first step towards a more confident smile!

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