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You can see how we helped people just like yourself. They too were scared of the dentist and worried that nothing could be done.

Our clients care and service is our priority. We are often told by our clients that the dental treatments we have provided have dramatically improved their quality of life. For us, it’s about you not having to worry or think about your teeth. You just have to get on enjoying your life to the full.

Mrs.S was terrified of the dentist and had multiple wobbly loose teeth. She did not want a denture as she suffers from a very sensitive gag reflex. Her treatment although was a new smile in a day it took a total of 9 months to complete. The first stage was where she had all her remaining top teeth removed, 6 implants placed and a fixed bridge placed all in one day. Giving her smile and confidence back immediately, just with one surgery. Once the dental implants had fused fully and Mrs S was happy with the final teeth, they were fixed into place.

Having suffered from gum disease over the past few years, I started losing my teeth, along with my confidence and smile, I was in pain and couldn’t eat. I had the procedure in April and I’m still amazed every day at the incredible results. Thank you Mark, you are first class, as is the man who makes the teeth. Kate at reception, so welcoming, Katy and Danielle, both very kind and caring, thank you for holding my hand.

Same Day Teeth Before Implants Image Same Day Teeth After Implants Image
Mrs M had lost teeth at the back of her mouth, and was unhappy with the appearance of her teeth. The reason for her losing teeth and having wear on her teeth was that she ground her teeth and had a bite (occlusion) issue. An occlusion analysis was performed to understand the forces involved. Mrs M’s treatment required crowns, veneers and implants to replace the missing teeth. Now that her bite is balanced, she is able to smile, laugh and eat with confidence once again.

Mark provides an excellent friendly service; I was well informed at every stage of treatment. I would strongly recommend Mark to my friends and family and already have!

Before Dental Implant Treatment after dental implants

Mr B came to us as he wanted to get his confidence back and be able to smile in public. He was ashamed to smile with his family when he was out and about. So we carried out a full complex case assessment and came up with a plan to help Mr B get his smile back. Mr B had several implants along with crowns, restoring his mouth back to full function. Now he is proud to spend time with his family.

When I first came the state of my teeth were very bad and I didn’t smile a lot. Now I have got more confidence when I go out with my Family. The service was fantastic and I would strongly recommend Mark.

Mr Beven Before Treatment Mr Beven Before Treatment

Mr P was of the age of the dreaded school dentist and as such his teeth had suffered over the years. Mark restored his confidence in Dentistry and was able to fully restore Mr P's mouth back to full function. Mr P had full mouth rehabilitation with the use of crowns and bridges. He now gets on with life being able to smile and laugh with no hesitation.

I did have concerns as I was scared and uncertain of the outcome. These concerns were fully addressed and I gained confidence in the process. I would recommend Mark, high quality work.
Mr Patrick Before Treatment Mr Patrick After Treatment

Mrs.C had been troubled with abscesses all her life and lost teeth along the way. She wanted to have her dentures stabilised using implants. Denture Stabilisation is where dental implants are used to connect to the denture stopping it from moving and allowing Mrs.C to eat whatever she wanted without worry. She now has the confidence to go out for meals whenever she wants and is able to laugh and enjoy herself without the worry of her dentures falling out.

I had no real concerns as Mark explained in full the whole procedure and process to me. He was friendly and very professional; I watched wildlife films, it was very relaxing. I would definitely recommend Mark to my friends and family and already have.
before denture stabilisation after denture stabilisation

Always in the public eye meant that Mrs K wanted her teeth to give her the confidence to smile without worrying what people thought. The old veneers were removed and provisional veneers placed to establish the colour and shape that looked the best. Once Mrs K was happy these provisional veneers were recorded and then duplicated into porcelain. She can now smile without worry anymore.

I did have a few concerns before treatment but these where addressed. I wanted my own teeth but much nicer, which I got! Mark was very informative and amazing attention to detail to my specific requirements. I would strongly recommend Mark.
Porcelain Laminate Veneers Porcelain Laminate Veneers
Miss F suffered from bulimia from an early age, this has meant she has lost the enamel from her teeth. Enamel loss had caused the teeth to become very sensitive, preventing her from being able to eat normally. The loss of enamel also makes the teeth more brittle and prone to chipping making the teeth shorter and resulting in a poor smile. White filling material was used to cover the teeth, helping to protecting them. This reduced Miss F’s sensitivity enabling her to eat foods without any pain and improving her smile.
I would certainly recommend Mark because he is professional and puts you at ease, is caring with a friendly caring persona.
Before Freehand Bonding After Freehand Bonding
Mr S fractured his tooth playing hockey. The tooth was still alive but very sensitive to hot and cold. A mould was taken so the tooth could be built up accurately with white filling material. This technique is called freehand bonding recreating the tooth back to its former glory. This process took 2 hours to fully restore the tooth and 10 years on the tooth is still alive.
Was expecting to lose the teeth but after nearly 10 years after it broke, I still have it and it looks as good as new.
Before Freehand Bonding After Freehand Bonding
Mrs M wanted to remove all the old mercury fillings from her mouth along with making them look nice again. The old silver fillings where removed and restored with white filling material. Her teeth where moved with clear braces, to give her straighter front teeth. The treatment took 9 months.
All questions were answered throughout the treatment process very clearly. Would definitely recommend! Friendly, professional service and pioneering dentistry.
Before Freehand Bonding After Freehand Bonding

Mrs M had lost confidence in her smile and wanted to be able to laugh without covering her mouth. She was missing a front tooth which had been removed when she was a child, making it tricky to give her a balanced smile. Crowns, bridges and implants were used to restore her teeth and smile.

I would recommend Mark as he has transformed my smile, confidence and faith in dentists. The service was first rate, from first meeting the receptionist to the end of my treatment with Mark. Everyone was so caring and very professional.
before ceramic crowns after ceramic crowns

Mrs P lived in Devon and was terrified of the dentist but when one of her grandchildren commented about her teeth, she plucked up the courage to come for treatment. A full assessment took place to work out her best options. All her treatment was carried out under conscious sedation. Crowns, bridges and implants were used to restore her mouth back to how it used to be. She is now Mary Poppins not Nanny McPhee anymore.

I would recommend Mark and have already done so. I felt very comfortable all the way through and I am very pleased with the final result.
before dental crowns after dental crowns

Mrs S was unaware of the tooth wear she had on all her teeth. She wanted her teeth to look nicer as she had noticed they had become shorter and was unhappy with her smile. An assessment was carried out and diet advice given so that Mrs S could help control her tooth wear. Non-metal crowns were bonded onto her teeth helping to strengthen them and giving Mrs S the smile she had always wanted.

I have full mouth treatment. I had no real concerns because I was satisfied that the answers to my questions were fully understood and explained in a professional manner with up to date techniques of assessment and treatment needs.
before dental crowns after dental crowns

Mrs W had always wanted a beautiful smile but suffered from not having some of her adult teeth come through and the adult teeth that had were very small. As the spaces that she had were very small the teeth were moved first, with a clear brace to make more space. This was to create space for the implants and meant that little or no tooth substance was removed in placing veneers over the front teeth to align them. The treatment took 9 months and gave Mrs W the smile she has always wanted.

Everything was extremely well organised and I felt very comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole treatment process. I would recommend this treatment to anyone.
Before veneers After veneers

Mrs S had spent the best part of her life covering her mouth to talk, laugh and eat. She had lost back teeth which meant, she had to eat with her front teeth, causing them to break over time and making her smile worse. 3D scans were done and a full mouth assessment performed, so the treatment could be planned and provided in a uniform and caring way. Part of the treatment was carried out under conscious sedation and other parts as normal. Crowns, veneers and implants were used to fully rehabilitate Mrs S mouth giving her a total smile makeover and teeth to be proud of.

I spent 40 years of covering my mouth with my hand when smiling or eating and I finally plucked up the courage to visit Mark Durnall at Pure Dental. I had Bone grafts, implants crowns and veneers. Mark is innovative in his approach and a complete perfectionist. I love the results and can now smile with total confidence. Thank you to all the team.

Before veneers After veneers
After years of experiencing broken and discoloured teeth, Mrs D wanted to have a smile to be proud of. She was very nervous of the dentist, all her treatment was carried out under conscious sedation with Terry our consultant anaesthetist. This meant that Mrs D had totally pain free treatment. Broken teeth were covered and protected with crowns and veneers. Spaces left from teeth, which had been removed, were filled using dental implants. Her treatment took 8 months to complete.
My life was miserable because of my teeth but since having my treatment I am living life enjoying every day and every moment and so incredibly happy and that is all thanks to you at Pure, especially Mark who is a wonderful man with such insight and knowledge doing a fantastic and magical thing for people in Cornwall. I really can’t thank you enough and yes please use the video so it can help other people to feel whole and happy again.
before dental implants after dental implants
Mr S had had a denture for decades and had always hated it. He came to one of our free presentations to discover that we could help him put the denture in the bin and have fixed teeth again. The treatment was planned carefully using 3D CT scan technology. 2 implants were placed to support a 3 tooth bridge, the whole process took 6 months.
I had 3 implants and the treatment was very good.
before dental implants after dental implants
Mrs B was referred to Pure by her dentist after suffering from a loose bridge that was supported by her natural teeth. The natural teeth had weakened and were unable to support the bridge anymore. The only option she had been given was a denture but suffering from a sensitive gag reflex meant Mrs B was very concerned about being able to tolerate a denture. Treatment was carefully planned so that Mrs B did not have a temporary denture through treatment. The infected teeth were removed and implants placed to support a new bridge. The treatment took 12 months to complete. She can now eat and smile without worrying about her teeth falling out.
I would definitely recommend Mark and his team at Pure. Very happy with the result and I can now eat a pasty walking down the road.
before dental implants after dental implants
Lynn was terrified of the dentist and came to a treatment advisor appointment to see how the team at Pure could help her. She had lost confidence and needed a solution that would help her smile again. 'Smile in a day' gave her back her smile in one day. The infected wobbly teeth were removed, implants and a temporary bridge placed, giving Lynn her smile back instantly. This was all done under sedation making the whole treatment pain free. A final bridge was made and placed 6 months later. Watch Lynn's video to see how it changed her life.
Family and friends that I see regularly can’t believe that they’re not real teeth, because they look so real and they also like the confidence it’s given me, everybody mentions that, and everybody also mentions I always used to walk with a stoop, I don’t anymore, my shoulders are back because I’m free again. Definitely go to Mark at Pure Dental because you won’t be frightened from the minute you meet his team because I was the most nervous patient you could ever wish to meet.
before Same Day Teeth after Same Day Teeth
After years of feeling upset about her teeth and terrified over the thought of losing them, Mrs A came to see the Pure team. We were able to save Mrs A’s lower teeth with hard work by her and the hygiene team but her top teeth had to be removed. Smile in a day was a lovely way of restoring Mrs A’s confidence. Once the implants had healed fully a final bridge was placed with crowns on her lower teeth. This enabled Mrs A to smile, laugh and eat what she wanted again.
Having been so down, conscious and miserable about my teeth over the last 10 years I decided to visit Mark Durnall at Pure Dental. From the minute I entered the premises I felt at ease as all the girls on reception were so lovely! After my consultation with Mark it became apparent I needed to have quite extensive work of implants and crowns. I was absolutely terrified!! Having been to the practice several times now and most of the works have been done I can honestly say that I didn't feel a thing! Mark is a figure of true professionalism and his team are a real credit to him! Always smiling! Meanwhile, I'm always smiling, he's done such an amazing job I can't stop staring at them! Can't believe these teeth are mine! I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark and his team to anyone, he's simply changed my life!
before Same Day Teeth after Same Day Teeth
Mrs T had suffered from gum disease all her life, now her upper teeth were very wobbly. She was struggling to eat and did not want to smile anymore. The teeth were removed 4 implants placed and a horseshoe denture was made to clip over the top. This meant that Mrs T could smile and eat again with confidence. The treatment took 10 months.
The thought of having a denture was terrifying, so glad that I made the decision to have implants. Would highly recommend and have again.
before implants for dentures after implants for dentures
Mr L was fully aware that he clenched and rubbed his teeth together, this is a condition called Bruxism. He had noticed that he was suffering from sensitivity more and more, also becoming concerned that his teeth were getting smaller. A full occlusal (bite) analysis was done to establish a treatment plan. Where crowns were already on teeth, these were replaced but at the correct occlusal (bite) height. Other teeth were built up with white filling material using the technique of freehand bonding, Once the teeth were fully restored, a night time guard was made to protect the teeth against his Bruxism.
I had my teeth rebuilt after decades of grinding. Mark was professional and made me feel at ease. I would recommend Mark as the process was always straightforward with the patient in mind, it was well explained and fulfilled.
Before Freehand Bonding After Freehand Bonding
Mrs B had always wanted a whiter smile and thought veneers were her only option. We explained that just by doing simple professional tooth whitening it could be enough to give her the smile she had always wanted. After 2 weeks of home whitening, Mrs B was over the moon with the results and the best thing is that no teeth were damaged to give her a bright white smile.
I felt totally comfortable knowing if I had any worries I only needed to phone. 1st class.
before teeth whitening after teeth whitening