Dental Treatment Aftercare

Dental care advice and post op aftercare advice for all dental procedures available to download for free.

Crown Lengthening

Post-operative Information for Crown Lengthening

Implant Placement

Advice Following Implant Placement

Orthodontic Aftercare

Aftercare Following Orthodontic Treatment

Periodontal Surgery

Aftercare Following Periodontal Surgery

Post Extraction

Post-Operative Extraction Advice

Post Gingival Graft

Post-Operative Gingival Graft Instructions

Post Same Day Teeth

Same Day Teeth Implant Post-Operative Advice

Sedation Recovery

Chaperone Information for Sedation Recovery

Replacement Dentures

Advice for New Dentures

Root Canal Treatment

What to Expect After Root Canal Treatment

Sinus Lift

Aftercare Following A Sinus Lift