Dental Treatment Aftercare

You will always be given verbal and written aftercare instructions when you start treatment at Pure Dental Health, however, should you forget what you’ve been told or lose your written instructions you can check that you’re doing all that you can to ensure a speedy and comfortable recovery by following the advice below.

Our dental care advice and post op aftercare information are available for patients to download for free.

Crown Lengthening

Post-operative Information for Crown Lengthening

Implant Placement

Advice Following Implant Placement

Orthodontic Aftercare

Aftercare Following Orthodontic Treatment

Periodontal Surgery

Aftercare Following Periodontal Surgery

Post Extraction

Post-Operative Extraction Advice

Post Gingival Graft

Post-Operative Gingival Graft Instructions

Post Same Day Teeth

Same Day Teeth Implant Post-Operative Advice

Sedation Recovery

Chaperone Information for Sedation Recovery

Replacement Dentures

Advice for New Dentures

Root Canal Treatment

What to Expect After Root Canal Treatment

Sinus Lift

Aftercare Following A Sinus Lift