Chaperone Information for Sedation Recovery

Are you acting as the chaperone for the recovery of our patient over the next 24 hours? As the chaperone you must escort the patient home by car or a taxi.

Public transport is not an acceptable means of travel after surgery.

Sedation acts to reduce anxiety and relaxes the central nervous system in patients. The mechanism of the drug is that it is slowly broken down by the body over a 6-24 hour period. It is for this reason that the patient requires supervision for 24 hours after surgery. The patient will be discharged by the dentist once they are happy that the patient has completed the relevant discharge checks.

At home, the patient must be supervised; remaining in clear view at all times for the rest of the day. The patient must not go to bed until a time that they would normally do so. The patient will probably want to sleep. They can sleep on the sofa or chair but must be sitting upright and not lying flat.

It is normal for the patient to feel drowsy for some hours after treatment and it is important that they do not do the following for at least 24 hours:

  • Drive.
  • Operate machinery.
  • Sign any legal documents.
  • Drink alcohol.
  • Undertake any potentially dangerous tasks i.e., cook or housework.
  • A sedated person will give the appearance of being capable of doing the above tasks and making decisions but actually THEY ARE NOT. Their judgement will be affected by the drug used.

The patient can eat and drink as normal once the local anaesthetic has worn off. The patient must continue to take all prescribed medication as normal. If there is anything you do not understand or if you have any concerns, please ask or call the surgery for advice 01872 222404.

A courtesy phone call will be made to the patient the day after surgery.