Post-Operative Extraction Advice

You will always be given verbal and written aftercare instructions when you have had a tooth extraction at Pure Dental Health, however, should you forget what you’ve been told or lose your written instructions you can check that you’re doing all that you can to ensure a speedy and comfortable recovery by following the advice below.

  • Avoid excessive exercise for several hours, ideally rest by sitting in a chair and use an extra pillow for the first night.
  • Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours and avoid smoking.
  • Take painkillers as advised by your dentist, follow any instructions regarding dosage carefully.
  • After 6 hours rinse your mouth gently with a warm salt solution (level teaspoon of salt to a cup of water) and continue after meals and before bed for seven days, or as advised by your dentist.
  • You may feel a sharp edge of a socket with your tongue and occasionally small fragments of bone may work their way out. This is normal.
  • Try not to disturb the socket with your tongue, by eating food on that side, or by vigorous rinsing. This will delay the healing process.

If Excessive Bleeding Occurs

  • Use the packs provided or a clean handkerchief.
  • Keep sitting up and clear the mouth of loose blood clots with a clean linen square or tissue so you can find where the socket is bleeding.
  • Place the pad across the bleeding socket from the tongue to the cheek side. If the socket is between 2 standing teeth constrict the pad to fit.
  • Bite firmly and compress the pad on the bleeding socket for 10-15 minutes. Avoid lying down.
  • Inspect the socket and replace the pad, or use another one if bleeding still appears from the socket.
  • If your efforts are unsuccessful after 1 hour, contact your dentist.
  • It is not unusual to experience swelling or discomfort for a few days, however if pain, swelling or bleeding persists contact the dentist.
  • IF excessive bleeding does occur it is very important to avoid exercise, alcohol or disturbing the socket.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact Pure Dental Health on 01872 22240.