What to Expect After Root Canal Treatment

You will always be given verbal and written aftercare instructions when you have Root Canal Treatment at Pure Dental Health, however, should you forget what you’ve been told or lose your written instructions you can check that you’re doing all that you can to ensure a speedy and comfortable recovery and that you know what to expect by following the advice below.

In most cases, your tooth will feel tender for around 48 hours after treatment. This bruised sensation can best be managed by ibuprofen or paracetamol, unless you have been advised by your doctor not to take either of them. If after 3-4 days your tooth is still very painful, please get in contact on 01872 222404, as the tooth may need a further cleaning appointment.

If the temporary filling falls out of your tooth between appointments, please call 01872 222404 to have it replaced. The temporary filling has an important role in preventing further infection from entering your tooth.