Fixed Metal Braces - An Effective Method For Teeth Alignment

Want to have a picture perfect smile? Tried & tested fixed braces offer precise, predictable results. Which is why they remain extremely popular!

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Fixed Metal Braces - An Effective Method For Teeth Alignment

Want to have a picture perfect smile? Tried & tested fixed braces offer precise, predictable results. Which is why they remain extremely popular!


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Fixed Metal Braces - Boost Your Image With A Confident Smile!

If crooked teeth, a crossbite, an underbite, or crowded teeth are stopping you from flashing a confident smile, it’s time to get braces. While there are many modern techniques to correct crooked teeth, fixed metal braces have always been a popular option for teeth alignment. They are highly effective and yield predictable results.

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Are Fixed Metal Braces For You?

A fixed metal brace is composed of a wire attached to metal brackets that have been bonded to your teeth. Rubber bands are attached to each bracket to keep the wire in place. The wire and the rubber band work against each other to create the force that pushes the teeth to align over time. They are permanently fixed onto your teeth for the duration of the treatment.

Here are some of their benefits:

They Work Fast

Fixed metal braces work fast, especially when well-cared for. If you go for adjustments regularly, the treatment will be faster. Over time, you will see the value of the investment. They deliver a lifetime benefit of good dental health.

They Are Affordable

Traditional fixed metal braces are more affordable than the newer and trendier options. Some health insurance policies also cover them. In most cases, an experienced dentist will offer payment plans where you pay an initial deposit, and the rest is paid in instalments at every visit.

They Last Longer

Fixed metal braces are durable. Since they are made of either titanium or stainless steel, they are resistant to regular wear and tear. They are designed to last as long as your treatment.

They Are Best for Tough Realignment Cases

Fixed metal braces are the most effective teeth realignment solution for most difficult cases. The skilled and experienced Pure Dentist can plan your teeth alignment, monitor, and adjust according to the shifting of each tooth.

They Provide Continual Dental Care

Once they have been attached, the treatment goes on without disrupting your daily activities. The treatment starts once you leave the clinic. Unlike Invisalign and other treatment options, where you need to constantly detach and remove them, no extra care is needed for fixed metal braces besides cleaning and visiting the dentist for adjustments.

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Finance Options

We are pleased to offer finance options to those who are eligible, alongside our standard pricing structure. We know that your smile is important, so we want you to be able to start your journey as soon as possible.

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Fixed Metal Braces FAQ's

Alternatives to Fixed Braces

So, how do you go about getting Invisalign clear aligners?

While metal braces are a reliable solution with proven results, some patients prefer more discrete options. There are two main types we offer, including:

  • Invisalign are clear removable aligners very much like retainers which you can take off to eat, brush, or floss your teeth.
  • Ceramic braces are fixed braces too, but they use tooth-coloured ceramic wires and brackets instead of metal, making them virtually unnoticeable.

Before You Get Your Braces

Before you get braces, here is some information that you should know about them:

Braces Aren’t Just for Kids

While many choose to get braces as teenagers, many adults use braces as well. If you’re an adult getting braces, there’s no shame in doing so.

Braces Aren’t Just for Aesthetics

Fixed metal braces correct several issues, not just aesthetics. This can include bite adjustment and more.

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