Ceramic Crowns

Suffering from black lines around old crowns? Do you have worn down, broken teeth and want a beautiful smile?

Let us help you with the latest technology and knowledge of all ceramic bonded crowns. No more black lines and restore your teeth back to their former glory.

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Ceramic Dental Crowns

Providing high-quality Cosmetic dental treatments to clients throughout Devon and Cornwall for over 20 years.

Broken down teeth can be irritating and painful, but thankfully this discomfort can be solved easily with a simple dental crown.

Although they serve a purpose, traditionally crowns were disliked by patients due to the dull and lifeless look they can have. Today we are able to offer all-ceramic metal-free crowns which are completely natural looking and therefore provide a perfect solution to teeth which are broken down, have worn-out fillings or an extensive amount of decay. Our team at Pure are renowned for their high quality cosmetic dentistry, and with the aid of the latest technology they will provide you with a beautifully natural smile.

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before dental crowns after dental crowns
before dental crowns after dental crowns
before dental crowns after dental crowns

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