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FREE Tooth Whitening for Life! Sounds too good but it’s true, Pure offers all its registered members free tooth whitening top ups, for as long as they are registered. Safe professional tooth whitening giving you a whiter smile for life, get in touch today.

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Professional Teeth Whitening

Providing high-quality Cosmetic dental treatments to clients throughout Devon and Cornwall for over 10 years.

If discolouration is making you conscious of your smile, or perhaps you want to perfect your look prior to a big day, then teeth whitening is a cost-effective solution for you. A beautifully white and healthy smile goes a long way to making you look great and feel even better. The boost in our patients confidence is often seen almost instantly. They quite often attend their consultation mumbling and smiling with their teeth hidden, yet after their treatment their smile spans from ear-to-ear.

At Pure Dental Health we like to offer our patients the very best cosmetic dentistry dental care available. To do this, we continually update our equipment and facilities. We’re delighted to be using the Enlighten Evolution 3 Home Teeth Whitening System at Pure. Evolution 3 is the very latest in tooth whitening technology and is the only system in the world to guarantee a B1 shade. This shade is one of the lightest available and can be achieved by lightening teeth by up to 16 shades. With simple maintenance, which could be as little as once a month, the results of your treatment can last indefinitely.

We understand that there are cheap DIY kits available, however due to the risks involved, we highly recommend that you only receive treatment from a fully-qualified cosmetic dentist. We can work with you to determine the perfect shade to compliment your skin tone and achieve a naturally beautiful smile.

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See what the Enlighten Evolution 3 Home Tooth Whitening System can do

before teeth whitening after teeth whitening
before tooth whitening after tooth whitening

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